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Flourish Fruit & Citrus 500g

Flourish Fruit & Citrus 500g

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Searles Flourish® Fruit & Citrus is a blended, soluble, complete plant food, which is formulated specifically for fruit trees using premium ingredients. Searles Flourish® Fruit & Citrus contains a balanced blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) & Potassium (K) plus a range of essential trace elements, designed for strong healthy growth, deep green leaves & abundant fruit.

Searles Flourish® Fruit & Citrus contains chelated iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Chelated micronutrients are fast acting and are absorbed rapidly through both leaves and roots. Searles Flourish® Fruit & Citrus is suitable to apply by watering can, hose applicator or fertiliser injector, or diluted to soil, soaking around plant's roots and out beyond foliage drip-line. For fast results, apply fertiliser solution to foliage just as you would when watering normally.

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